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I wish I was Dumb


I have been ruined, ruined by exposure, education, media, research, and experience, I have seen the depths of the darkness of humanity and I wish I just dumb to it all. It would just make life easier, I would sleep well at night, I would be content with the mundane, I wouldn’t worry about the future and I wouldn’t fill my head with dreams of taking action. I would be able to spend money on whatever I wanted and never consider if someone is being enslaved to make my cute $10.00 shirt. I could drink my coffee and forget about if it is fair trade or not. I could listen to music on the radio and not worry about this music feeding the sex trafficking industry. I could get caught up in my simple, easy life of raising 3 precious boys , cook pinterest meals, make my homemade crafts, lead worship on the weekends to my white middle class church, and just be content and not be bothered with the vast injustice that is staring me in the face.

Instead I am angry, angry that my biggest concern is if I have all the ingredients to make my dinner tonight.  Here I am staring at the current problems of not just the U.S but the problems of humanity, such as, hunger, sex trafficking, human slavery, orphaned children, devastation, natural disasters, and it would just be easier if I did to know. I can remember sitting in Current Problems in Human Relations at OU of Tulsa working on my Master and after 3 weekends of intense debates and discussions over the current problems facing our country, I sat there overwhelmed by it all thinking how can we ever make a difference in all this mess and I said to myself, “I can’t wait to get back to my little Bartlesville, where I don’t have to think about all this.” How true and sad is this for many of us, we can lock ourselves in our Facebook, church-going, middle-class circles and close “the world” out so easily. And honestly today I wish I could. If only I knew nothing about sex trafficking and girls now as young as 4 years old being sold to be used and tortured for the pleasure and entertainment of wicked men. This Saturday January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, educate yourself, but with the disclaimer that once you know, you can no longer be DUMB. I just watched the movie “The Whistleblower” based on a true story about a female cop from the U.S. that takes a position in Bosnia with the U.N only to uncover a huge sex scandal. The movie is very graphic and if you want to stay dumb to the reality of sex trafficking do not watch it, this movie will ruin you.  Did you know this is happening in our own backyard?

Peterson said. “For too long, most people thought this is a Third World problem. The United States is the No. 1 destination for sex trafficking in the world. And Oklahoma’s right in the middle of the country, the crossroads of all the major interstates.” From OKNews

I have a lot more to say about this topic but for today I just wish I was dumb to it all, but I am not and now I feel some kind of urgency to do something. I know I can’t save the world, but I hope to possibly compel a few to action or move your compassion.

Christine Cain has a ministry to rescue girls out of sex trafficking check out her website http://www.thea21campaign.org 

WHAT CAN YOU DO??????? These are a few ideas of things I do to help raise money for the causes I believe in. I have a very giving heart, but to a fault, I need someone to balance me out because I would give all my money away to my own detriment, so my husband is my balance. I have found ways to give without money coming out of our budget.

Few ideas:

1. The EASIEST thing in the world to do is download the IGIVE button to your computer http://www.igive.com//VuNjTwF. You can choose your cause and as you shop online it donates money to your cause. SO EASY! DO THIS NOW!

2. We have a consignment store in town that sells household items, I take stuff there often, they send me a check. People donate stuff to me cause they know I raise money of causes, I take their donated items there as well.

3. There are children’s clothes and toy consignment shops in my town as well, I take things there often.

4. I have a garage sale almost once or twice a year. I tell my friends and church folks, you will be surprised how many people will give you their junk!

5. I sell refurbished furniture on craigslist

6. I have a booth at a local shop The Vintage Loft and Junk Boutique, I sell hand make jewelry and other crafted items, I have a crafting for causes co-op that also helps me make stuff for the booth. I try to get as many ladies involved helping me as possible. See my crafting for causes tab on my homepage and join my co-op if you would like!

7. I have done a Holiday Market 2 years at my church and this year at The Vintage Loft to raise money specially for the children’s home in Kenya that we help support through The HELPS Organization.

8. I keep a change box that has no way to get change out (that is the key).  I let the kids helps me put the change in. I will tell them go put this in the box for “the kids” and they love it. (Our Kenyan kids)

There are so many things you can do. This year, do something.