I love creating things. It is why I write, it is why I sing, it is why I do not use recipes to cook! I started making jewelry years ago and have always sold it on the side. I decided in 2011 to use my gifting of creativity to raise money for The HELPS Organization www.helpsorg.com .I have a group of women that have joined me in my efforts and we are the Whole Girls Crafting for Causes Co-op! We are hoping to inspire others to do the same. Currently we give %100 of our Profit to The HELPS Organization. We are currently selling our crafts at The Vintage Loft in Dewey, Oklahoma on main street. (Find them on Facebook!)

bon, marg, em

The money we raise goes to the Father’s House Children’s Home in Riru, Kenya. There are so many fun, things you can do to make a huges difference in the life of someone else. Get creative, be inspired, help someone in need.

  • I want to donate craft items to the cause
  • I want to start a crafting for causes group 
  • I want to know more about The HELPS Organization and how to get involved. 
  • I would like to donate monthly to the cause 


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