You Deserve More than a Scan…


ImageYour attention span is only 5 seconds long, as opposed to 10 years ago it was 12 minutes. I get 140 characters to get my point across or you are out. Which is about to right here….(See ya!) I just read some research on How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds and have read several other articles and research all dealing with some of the same ideas and the truth of the matter is, Mark Zuckerberg changed the world. Facebook is to us like the printing press was to the world in 1445, when spoken word and ideas could now be circulated to the masses. Facebook has opened the door for the average Joe or the average Jane, me, to have a platform, a “publisher” if you will, that cost me nothing to send my thoughts and writings to the world. It is pretty incredible and we love it! It feeds us, feeds our ego and feed our hunger for connection and community. Yet I have a thought for you that has been churning in me for the last few weeks. My husband deserves much credit for these are concerns or apprehensions he has had for a while yet it took me experiencing it for it to really hit home. All the conversations and pillow talks finally made sense.

The house was quiet, the kids were all off to school, hubby was off to work,  I opened all the blinds of my new house in the country to let the sunshine in, sat down on the couch to read, drink my tea and enjoy the peace. I picked up my phone to check a few things, email, Facebook, etc. I found myself on Facebook, as my thumb slowly scrolled through my homepage posts. You know all the stuff that comes up on your homepage because it might be relevant to you or the people you follow, you know. This day I found a guy that I have not spoken to in 10 year, post that his cousin passed away, sandwiched around his post was a cute post about someone finding a mouse in their house and the husband trying to shoot it with a bebe gun and another post about something silly someone’s child did. As I scanned over the post about the passing of a loved one and found myself more fascinated with the bebe gun story, as you probably just did, I paused….

We have done this to ourselves. YOU DESERVE MORE THAN A SCAN. I found myself reflecting on the magnitude of the passing of a loved one and I felt like I did not even deserve to know, I have not talked to you in 10 years, I cannot give you the proper compassion due at a time like this. We are not connected, we are not walking through life together, we are not sharing joys and sorrows. Yet we throw out this information that is sacred, the loss of life, the gift of life, the pains of life and really in doing so we throw out our heart, our pearls if you will to me the swine. I am the swine on the other side that only has enough room for 140 characters, that will only give you 5 seconds before I move on, that does not have room in my heart to give you the compassion you deserve. You deserve more than a scan of my thumb over your sacred pain or sacred joy.

Yeshua gives us a really great model of how he related with humans and interacted with them while on earth. He chose 12 people to walk through life with and of those 12 there was an inner circle of 3. Those 3  went with him to the very painful and very life transforming places. Not everyone deserves to share in your sacred moments. This is a lesson I am learning too, and just slowly understanding why it is so import to “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” Proverbs 4:23


About Emily French

I am in a place right now where I am so full. Full of love, full of life, full of joy. I love being the mom to my three sons Koby, Zekiah, and Levi. I love being the wife to my husband Larry. I am the Contemporary Music Director for East Cross United Methodist and the Program Coordinator and Creator of MUTUAL Gold a program that teaches girl "They are Worth More than Gold." I am spending my days doing things that are precious to my heart. I have found true Joy.

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