Paralyzed without Purpose

Paralyzed without Purpose

Are you bored with life? Do you go to work, come home, watch some TV, maybe go to church or not, try to do good,  yet you want more? Do you feel unsatisfied? I believe there is a purpose, a call, a place for each one of us. I believe it is strategic. I believe it is to expand the Kingdom of the Most High. What are you doing to be part of this expansion? There is a war raging, and darkness wins if the light finds itself paralyzed without purpose

I was recently sitting with a group of women as we each shared our burden for the body of Christ and the world in which we live (Shout-out to D2D ladies!!). It was beautiful and refreshing to be among company that shared the same heart beat. One word that kept resounding through our conversation and time together was “Relationship.” It is funny how something so simple can become so novel. Is this not what we were created for, relationship?? Was man put on Earth to just work and toil and reproduce? Do we have purpose here on this pile of dirt? Is their something greater that beacons us to take our place?

I have recently been inspired by 2 women Christine Caine and Jen Tringale both very compelling speakers and my heart just leaps at the message they have for this time. In my own way I would like to share this burden. It is 2 fold….and it is simple. 1. There are lost people wandering around who need hope and purpose, Christ wants to reach them. 2. Each of us has a place and a role in touching the lives around us, EMBRACE your PLACE.

I want to use my friend Crystal’s story to paint this picture. My friend Crystal is young in her late 20’s. She has twin girls that are 4 and a little boys that is 6 and Husband who is in the Military.  Crystal has worked at Sonic for 10 years. She worked her way up from the bottom and is now the Co-Manager of a million dollar store. When I first met Crystal and heard she worked at Sonic in my small mindedness I felt like I want to rescue her out of that job. “Have you considering going back to school?” “You should work at corporate sonic.” But then you talked to Crystal and she could tell you story after story of how her presence in  Sonic is changing people through relationship. She LOVES her job, she loves what she does, her heart beats for the drug addicts, recently incarcerated and the homeless young people hopping from house to house who walk through her door and want a job. Then she stands beside them and trains them and teaches them about responsibility, about being grateful for a job and a pay check about working hard.  My favorite Crystal quote, “Everything you do is a reflection of who you are, If you are a crappy car hop, what does that tell me about you?”

You see, Crystal has found her purpose for this season of her life. I believe God is so strategic that he knew that in 2013 in Bartlesville, Ok on the corner of Hwy 75 and Nowata he needed Crystal. He needed a beacon of light in that Sonic. He needed someone willing to get down in the dirt and work hard with a people, in place that many do not want to mess with. He needed a Crystal that would not only recognize her “PLACE” but “EMBRACE” this place, this season with all her heart and be light to the lost people around her.

What God has done for Crystal he wants for YOU. He wants you to completely “EMBRACE” the “PLACE” he has you right now for this season. If you are in a place were you are not happy with your job or life, PRAY. Cry out to God, ask him to open your eyes to your purpose, to your place. As you PRAY, don’t try to squirm out of the place you are  for this moment but learn everything you can and humble yourself to his Lordship over your life. I am sure that if you work or if you do not work, if you stay at home with children or if you juggle a full time job and children, I am sure if you are a single parent, divorced, married, old or young, there are people in very close proximity, that need a relationship with the ONE who gives hope and purpose to a very boring meaningless life. He needs you to be willing to walk into RELATIONSHIP, to open up your life to be used for a greater purpose for a greater good.

Relationship is the way of Christ. He set the bar as he walked into RELATIONSHIP knowing it would hurt at times, it would not be easy at times, it would be be extremely rewarding and it would be extremely fulfilling. He poured out his life into 12 men and through those relationships, He changed the World. Don’t allow the darkness to paralyze us, abolish the darkness with light! He has called you out of darkness into His light for a reason and for a purpose. Lord help us EMBRACE our PLACE.


About Emily French

I am in a place right now where I am so full. Full of love, full of life, full of joy. I love being the mom to my three sons Koby, Zekiah, and Levi. I love being the wife to my husband Larry. I am the Contemporary Music Director for East Cross United Methodist and the Program Coordinator and Creator of MUTUAL Gold a program that teaches girl "They are Worth More than Gold." I am spending my days doing things that are precious to my heart. I have found true Joy.

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  1. Very we’ll put, Emily. I really like the phrase you use, “EMBRACE your PLACE.” I know I’m going to be definitely using it on myself and others! Thank you for articulating this important message and sharing it!

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