I want an answer…”Christians, Why are people looking to other religions, ways of thought, and atheism to escape guilt, hate, hypocrisy, and judgement? What has happened to the followers of “The Way” meaning Christ’s way?” Someone please answer!

I want an answe…


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  1. Authenticity, when you experience the presence of the Lord there is no substitute. Let our churches once again reflect our great God who is active and moving in our lives daily. He reaches into our being and transforms us and then resides in us. Let us stop thinking we need to earn his love and learn to receive his love that surpasses all knowledge. Then let us reflect that love to others instead of hate, hypocrisy, judgement and guilt which are all works of the flesh not of the spirit. Jesus said “They shall know you are my disciples by your love”. We are his body in the earth what is the world seeing in us?
    This is only one side to the question for it is complex and multi-faceted, it is just part of my perception.

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